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Nineteen National Choreography Centres (CCN) have been created since 1980 in fifteen of the twenty two regions of France.

Under the direction of working choreographers, these centers were created primarily to facilitate the creative and choreographic process, as well as artistic activities that are essential to this process, among them research, touring and programming, and pedagogy. They are the result of a cultural policy which seeks to involve both the state and the local communities in the exploration and expansion of culture in the country.

An umbrella association which includes nearly all the national centres chorégraphiques was founded in Caen in 1995 by their respective artistic directors, its mission being the constant exchange of ideas, a discussion of various plans of action as well as evaluating these actions after their implementation. Eighteen of the nineteen CCN's members.

Their positions and policies are set forth publicly by this association.


President : Éric Lamoureux

Vice-Presidents : Didier Deschamps and Jean-Marc Urrea

Treasurer : Yves Kordian

Coordination secretary : Hélène Joly