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© Jean-Claude Carbonne

… Hardly recognisable, liberated, inspired... In his new choreography, Preljocaj has let in a liberated breath of poetic air (...) he pieces together a polished and tender love story He bares himself, body and soul (...) The pieces opens with a motionless prelude; two watchful dancers opt for certain basic movements. Then four dancers take flight, criss-crossing the space in a rich variety of scales and registers. Then, without transition, gestures once again become «mechanical». But the gesturesare rounded, in gentle «closeness», undulating, with glimpses of baroque; oldfashioned figures which stiffen and collapse successively. Consciously stylised turns, each one superimposed on the other in a continuous trompe-l’œil (...) one suspects that Preljocaj is himself a musician. Fascinated by counterpoint, his dancing is constructed like an orchestral polyphony.

Larmes blanches is a sensitive piece which deals with the obscure relationships of two couples trapped by the conventions of everyday life. Starting with a classical outline, the dancers twist and sharpen it, adding surprising changes of tempo.


Laurence Louppe



Creation 1985 for 4 dancers



20 minutes



Angelin Preljocaj



Bach, Balbastre, Purcell


Sound track

Marc Krief



Annick Goncalves



Jacques Chatelet



A prize winner at the A.R.I.A.M. Ile-de-France

January 1986



Co-produced by Compagnie Preljocaj