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The Pavillon Noir is the first production centre for dance, specifically built for the purpose it is to serve, where artists can both work on the entire creation process and as well as perform the work they have created.



Rudy Ricciotti has succeeded in forging a deeply rooted personality, at once clear-cut and subtle, that is revealed in Ricciotti the citizen, the art collector, and … the architect who has built such major projects as the Stadium in Vitrolles, the Peace footbridge in Seoul and the Potsdam concert hall.


The Pavillon Noir was officially  inaugurated on Thursday 19 October 2006. During the opening week-end 14 companies accepted the Ballet Preljocaj's invitation to perform in the different areas of the Pavillon Noir.



In a constructivist manner and inspired by the shape of the building, Pierre Coulibeuf has produced a fiction film, interpreted by Angelin Preljocaj and his dancers, unveiling the spaces of the Pavillon Noir in a game of structural oppositions : transparency/opacity, interior/exterior...


Written by the writer Eric Reinhardt and with the words of Pierre Coulibeuf, Angelin Preljocaj, Rudy Ricciotti, the philisophe Jehanne Dautrey and the astrophysicist Michel Cassé.


Body of the dancer, architectural model ? Text on the Pavillon noir of Rudy Ricciotti